full body interval training 

 full body interval training

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Shatter your beliefs of group fitness. Our signature classes are modified for low, middle and high intensity levels, so ANYONE can take our classes and feel comfortable at their own level.  No dancey moves or choreography to keep up with - we work out to the beat because it's fun and creates energy but YOU work out at your own pace. 

FIT (Full body Interval Training) is  a workout that was specifically designed to give you an effective total body workout.  We formatted our 50 minute classes based on 3-5 minute intervals of challenging work, followed by short periods of rest.  

  • Interval training has been shown to be the fastest way to lose weight, lose fat and get in shape.
  • Variety is a key ingredient to keeping you engaged in your fitness routine. Our schedule offers a variety of class formats that use different equipment so you can alternate classes throughout the week without getting bored.  
  • Our toning/sculpting classes are an AMAZING compliment to the cardiovascular workout you get in CycleYou.
  • You are busy - Get in and out in less time.  Finding time for fitness is important for YOU.


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