When working out on your own, it’s easy to stop when things get tough. That’s where group fitness classes can help push you to the next level. By exercising in a group, you get the inspiration and motivation not only from the instructor, but also from the energy in the room produced by others. Let’s face it, working out with a group energizes you to push yourself just a little harder.

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FIT is a boutique fitness studio for men and women, offering a variety of group classes. Designed to keep you challenged, our class schedule is perfect if you have ever been tired of doing the same activity over and over again.  We offer 5 different types of classes and 27 classes a week to give you cardio, total body toning or a combination of both to keep your body plateau-proof and in tip-top shape.  


We are moving to 165 Midland Avenue and will begin classes in the new location, Monday July 27th -

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 Full-body interval training